Advantages of Windscreen Repairs to your Clients

Cost effective

Repairing is a cheaper alternative to the replacement of a damaged windscreen, without compromising on the quality of the windscreen


Risk management

Repair of windscreen damage ensures roadworthy compliance and safety of passengers.

Can be free of charge

Clients with approved insurance cover, repairs can be free


Convenience to client

The service can be delivered same day, even on your business’ floor.


5-20min depending on number of chips per vehicle.

Hassle free

Clients do not need to make alternative arrangements to get repairs done at automotive glass dealers.
Advantages of owning an MG Business Box
  • Added service to current clientele creates extra revenue streams
    • Chip Repairs
    • Windscreen Replacement Upselling/Commission
  • Increased product range (chip repairs) will attract more clients to your business core service/product
  • Optimization of income generated from current client base
  • Quality Tools that have been professionally self-engineered over years of research and development
  • High profit margins with minimal operating cash required
  • Easy to implement and integrate – Tech Training takes maximum 2 hours.
  • Guaranteed After sales support – Regular supply of consumables, Tech back-up, etc.
  • Repair warranty – provided by MG Assist
  • Skills development and increased job satisfaction for your employees.

Paying cash upfront may be expensive and could be a risky move that causes cashflow problems. Some companies simply don’t have the working capital for a new asset purchase. Businesses try to grow but can’t afford a big-ticket purchase and big upfront costs for an income asset.

Rental options are available for qualifying companies.

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